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Roof Washing Services in New Baltimore Michigan

Soft Wash Services to Get Your Roof Cleaned and Looking New Again

As a professional power washing company, Pristine Paint & Pressure Wash, LLC can remove those ugly black streaks and roof strains from your house. We can make your roof look brand new again for a fraction of what it would cost to replace it. Our roof cleaning process is 100% eco-friendly and bio-degradable. We use a low pressure 7 gpm soft wash system paired with our cleaning solutions to rid your roof of harmful algae and spores. During our roof cleaning projects, we don't use harmful acids, heavy metals or any other solutions that could damage your structure or the vegetation around it.

When it comes to our soft washing methods, we also do not use any high pressure, which could damage your shingles and affect the long term performance of your roofing system. All shingle roof manufactures recommend cleaning with low pressure. High pressure can create premature granule loss and exposure of the weathering layers of your shingle, along with many other destructive issues. At Pristine Paint & Pressure Wash, LLC, we use only the best equipment and the best material from leading manufactures.

Pristine Paint & Pressure Wash, LLC doesnt just clean the roofs of New Baltimore, Michigan area homes, we also provide a variety of services, and we can professionally clean and restore almost any other area of your property. We specialize in roofs, siding, fences, patios, walkways and much more.

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